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DIRECTOR: Victor Fleming

May Contain Spoilers!

Overrated, but maybe misunderstood in this decade. You have to cast your mind back to how it must have been in 1939, with no such thing as television as such, this was the mini-series of the day and in fact, was shown as in two parts in some of the early broadcasts. The problem with this epic is that it is often held up along with the likes Ben~Hur (1959) and Doctor Zhivago (1962) but it isn’t quite like that.

Gone With The Wind is a pretty straight up 1930’s adaptation of the Margret Michell novel, and besides its length and epic visuals, doesn’t look like an epic in the modern sense. But it is and is driven by the cast and their gripping performances, especially that of Clark Gable who is tirelessly charismatic, the vast and ambitious production design and Max Steiner’s magnificent score.

Victor Fleming was…

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