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DIRECTORS: Richard Lester & Richard Donner

May Contain Spoilers!

The official version of Superman II may not be the purest vision, as we’ve established with Richard Donner’s Cut, but this is the most cohesive. Lester, once he took over the director’s chair, had to have shot at least 51% of the film to be credited as the movie’s director, so he re-shot a lot of footage which had already been done by Donner, often the same scene and re-envisioned other elements.

Comedy was his perceived forte and at times, this version offers more humour and actually takes the time to establish our super-villains more fully as they make their way through the western town. It’s here, which is more Lester’s work, that we see some great moments, such as Ursa (Sarah Douglas) arm wrestling a trucker and the trio destroy the small town.

The tone is just more…

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