Dead in Tombstone

Let's All Go to the Movies!!!!

PLOT (spoiler alert!!!):

The film begins with a monologue on the West, or the “New Frontier”, as Lucifer describes it as a “heartless, lawless viper pit”, contrary to popular belief that it is made up of “god-fearing” good folk. Lucifer goes on to justify why the West is an “American nightmare”. The film pans to an execution. Big-time crook Red Cavanaugh is seconds from being given the noose, but he is saved from death by the six members of his gang, the Blackwater Gang, led by the notorious outlaw Guerrero De La Cruz. The gang members, each of whom has a hefty cash bounty, massacres the lawmen and rescue Red. Following this feat, Red proposes that they raid Edendale, a small Colorado mining town known for its gold mine. A mineral rights dispute has led the sheriff to place the disputed riches in the bank, which Red states they can…

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