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…back in 2008 with the release of the new experimental feature which help make up Warner’s How The West Won (1962) Blu-ray, Smilebox, a 3D mapping system which recreates the 146 degree curved screen of the three-strip Cinerama process, which only lasted 10 years before it was phased out in favour of the traditional single strip technologies.

The Cinerama name lived on for a while but it was mainly the screen which continued rather than the cumbersome three projector system. But as the latest Blu-ray restorations began in 2008, thanks to David Strohmaier, Cinerama premiered in 1952, sparking both the Widescreen revolution, in which CinemaScope would be born opening with The Robe (1953) as well as the more recent massive screen experiences which IMAX now offer.

A special feature on that Blu-ray/DVD release was the 2003 documentary by the godfather of the Smilebox revolution,  in David…

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