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  20130515_2_03004 1959

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May Contain Spoilers!


This Cinerama promotional short is, to my knowledge, one of only TWO such shorts that exist and to be photographed in the three-strip process. The second, In The Picture (2012) would be shot in 2012, using a vintage Cinerama camera in honour of the format’s 60th Anniversary in September of that year.

But this seven minute promotional film for Renault’s “New” car, the Dauphine in 1959 is a real gem. In The Picture (2012) is included as part of Flicker Alley’s, Search For Paradise (1956) Blu-ray/DVD release from 2014 and this is a special feature from their South Seas Adventure (1958) Blu-ray/DVD, released in late 2013.

Most of the film takes place inside the Renault plant, following the car along the production line and finishing up where we began, with a masterful dissolve, this is the only Cinerama advert known to exist…

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