Saw 2 – Movie Review

Saw 2

Plot: More people are set into a house Jigsaw rigged with several traps to test people’s will to live and to find out what they will do to survive.

We find jigsaw, diseased, hurt, and find out that he is slowly dying from a disease.

My Thoughts: I loved the first Saw so of course I would love the second one, it had the same idea, different traps, different people, different back stories. The traps in this movie are more innovative and brutal than in the first one. This movie delivers more  twists and turns in the storyline than in the first one. This is a spoiler free zone, so to find out what is going on in this movie. You will have to sit down and watch what’s going on.

The movie is a great sequel to the first one. If not a better movie than the original. The ending of this movie, is such a great cliffhanger, leaving yourself asking what will happen in the next one, unless you followed the movie and payed extremely close attention to the movie, you will be asking questions about this movie itself.

I would rate this movie a 4.9 out of 5 because it was such a powerful sequel to the original movie, and it is a piece of such a great series of films.


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